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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a shopping environment for the savvy consumer who cares about their health, eating pure food and preserving our environment. 

We operate using the concept of the triple bottom line business model : People, Planet and Profit. 


We understand that every business has a social responsibility and we want to help you live a healthy organic lifestyle. 


Preserving our environment goes hand and hand with our people policy. Safeguarding our planet so that generations to come will be able to enjoy all its beauty and resources should be a common goal for all business ventures. 


Listen. We’re not gonna pull any punches on this one. Everyone wants to make a profit and lets face it the more people who are making money the faster our economy will recover from its doldrums. 

Each product that we sell is handpicked from our supplier’s inventory and whenever possible it is organic and pure. We like to keep things simple and we strive to find items for sale that are wholesome and of the highest quality, just as nature intended they should be. 

We want to hear from you on a regular basis. Let us know what you think about the products we offer and if there’s a favorite brand or item that you use and we don’t currently carry it, please let us know. We will constantly be tweaking our inventory so check in with us on a regular basis to view our specials and new product offerings. Contact us with any comments or questions at organicvibrations@verizon.net. 

You can contact us by e mail at 


We can be reached by telephone at 855 458 1834

We can also be reached by snail mail at:

Organic Vibrations
2744 Hylan Boulevard  #154
Staten Island, NY 10306